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Posted by DivineHalcyon - December 21st, 2018

Yesterday marked 3 years since I created this account... damn, look at how time flies!

Even though I never got around to creating any compositions/transcriptions this year, I still plan on arranging all of Dimrain47's music for piano in the future, along with other songs I enjoy! Once I have a good audio recording of every single Dimrain47 song transcribed, I'll make a YouTube video of that.

Perhaps, I might take a shot at actually producing music as well!

Well, now I'm done with midterms at high school, and know where I'm going for college, so that's wonderful. Senioritis has kicked in at full blast, so that's also wonderful.

If any of you want to talk to me privately, PM me here or add me on Discord. My tag's Halcyon#6561.

Cheers to all of you, and have a merry Christmas and a happy new year! 2019 will be amazing!

Posted by DivineHalcyon - February 25th, 2017

My tag is Halcyon#6561.

I'll add you if I know you.


Posted by DivineHalcyon - January 9th, 2017

Thank you GD Quasar for using my piano arrangements in your videos and streams!

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2eBNcFD_as5cN_eOqeqYHw His YouTube channel.

https://www.twitch.tv/gd_quasar His Twitch.

Posted by DivineHalcyon - December 20th, 2016

One year ago, I decided to create the account 'hawkfire7' on this website. This alias, I have been using for many years prior, as early as 2011, and is in use on some other websites. Even though I have browsed Newgrounds quite extensively as a child, possibly as early as 2010 or 2011.

It was quite an interesting year, and a time where Geometry Dash is still invading the Audio Portal (thank you Audio Portal Cleanup). Also, Trump won the presidency, so all the liberals and democrats can shut up for good!

Soon, I might make original songs in FL Studio! However, I still have to learn how to use the software, and spend time working on composition. I finish my midterm exams tomorrow, so I'll have time to work on that over break. Otherwise, school occupies much of my time, so I have to study quite a lot.