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The MEMES are strong in this one!

IceBurger responds:

Dont let your memes be dreams!

lol wtf

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Yes, one of those classic games I always loved to play...

Extremely easy, almost auto!

Very easy.

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In the critical moment, adrenaline pumps through your veins, as the acute stress response is activated. Through this, you give it your all, with nothing else in the way, as everything else becomes nothing to you. In this moment, your capabilities are tremendously amplified, as your body is giving everything to the task at hand.

This is what allows elite strongmen to lift half a ton off the floor, and is what gives one the power to deal the critical blow in a heated brawl. It is what allows us mere mortals to meet Death face to face, yet come through alive.

There will always be one who marches to the beat of his own drum, and follows his own agenda with disregard for that of others or of society at large. Such character makes him quite mysterious, yet incredibly charming.

He seeks neither fame nor fortune, but only Truth, and will do anything in his will and might to find it, and share it with the world. In his journey of discovering Truth, he also developed an uncanny knack for uncovering lies and deception. Yet, he still understands that this life is a game to be played, and so his strategies became refined through his rich life experiences and journeys, and through falling and getting back on his feet.

This man is the archetype of the leaders of the future in many domains, and through his wit and command of language, inspires others like him to step up to the plate and rise to the occasion.

In the world around us, in our bodies, and all throughout existence, it is patterned with fine structures aligned in a delicate balance of order and chaos. Such awe-inspiring beauty is the basis of everything, and through it, brought forth this world into being and us into it.

Our mission and our destiny is to ascertain the nature of these fine structures. Through this arduous task, amazing discoveries and developments have been made that revolutionised our world and our way of life. This is the way forward for mankind.

Through pain, one finds pleasure. Through darkness, one finds light. Through sorrow, one finds joy.
Enjoy life, and indulge in its blessed delights.
Remember that Halcyon is the most beautiful word in the English language.

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